Welcome to the Kiteschool - Kitecenter Playa Sur on Tenerife!

 Even in El Médano, kitesurfing has become the most popular water sport
 and the fascination of gliding or hovering over the water with a kite and a board
 is attracting more and more people.

 In the meantime, the technical standard of kites has grown and the quality of
 teaching with it.
This makes it possible to reach learning success in a relatively short time.

Perfect year-round climatic conditions on Teneriffa and a unique flat-water spot at our
neighbouring bay La Tejita make this even easier.

Let our instructor team infect you with the kite-virus!

Once El Médano, always El Médano!

That's what many of our visitors say, after experiencing all the different spots in this unique location. We have
precisely adjusted the amount of equipment to correspond instruction and renting purposes.
The newest teaching approaches are the guarantor of our mutual success!

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Kitecenter Playa Sur Teneriffa, El Medano,
Calle La Gaviota s/n

Web: www.kitecenter-medano.com

Phone: Office: 0034 / 922 176 688
Björn : 0034 / 664 694 884